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Mockingjay Part 1 trailer | 13 April 2014


Cesaro wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal [2014]

Originally, I looked at this match with a sneer. I thought, “What a cheap way to get people on the Mania card who don’t have a storyline.”

Then, I thought about it. While yes, it is kind of a cheap way of doing so, it gives those guys purpose who would have otherwise just been in the pre-show battle royal, that wouldn’t have had a purpose. In the past, there have been many battle royals that ended and the wrestler who won accomplished nothing. This year, however, the ring was filled with superstars that the fans at least slightly cared about at the very least, and the winner received a trophy in honor of the late, great, Andre The Giant.

The winner of the match was guessed to be The Big Show by everyone who tuned in. On the show, Sheamus and The Big Show were the only two wrestlers to get an on-air entrance, and this could have been to throw fans off from who was going to win, but then again, maybe not. While pretty much every fan believed that Show had it in the bag due to the nature of the beast (Big Show’s debut was that he was the “son” of Andre), it was instead the shocking conclusion that brought the entire WWE Universe to a deafening roar.

In pure Cesaro fashion, he took the expectations of the WWE Universe, lifted them, and threw them out. That’s exactly what he’s done his entire career and exactly what he did last night at WrestleMania, lifting the 500-pound Big Show in the middle of the ring, carrying him to the ropes, and dumping the giant over to win the match. Fans went absolutely berserk. By all measures, Cesaro should be a despised icon in the WWE, but instead, he has done nothing but impress and the WWE Universe have taken such a liking to him that he’s become impossible to ignore. Now that Cesaro has proven that he’s got the power and ability to shine, it seems that it may only be a matter of time before there’s dissension in The Real Americans. Will Swagger’s jealousy rise, leading to him being extradited from the group? If this happens, who will Zeb side with?